Load Flow Analysis of Integrated AC-DC Power System... Need Help!!!

Hi... I'm EE student Now I'm making a program for Load Flow Analysis of Integrated AC-DC Power System . I realy need some standard or anything about load flow analysis result of Integrated AC-DC Power System to matching my program result.

Can anyone help or give me some advice please????

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follow j.angrilla book... i have referred it, is has good explanation regarding what u asked........!

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What is j.angrilla? Nothing on Google search:

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To the OP, you should direct those questions to your professor first. I've not done any load flow on a dc system but that's just a special case of ac. As I remember, there are various old books on load flow analysis, even with samples in Fortran.

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--------------------- It appears that he is looking for an example AC-DC system that has all the data provided as well as the results so that he can use it as a test for his program -something like the old IEEE 5 bus and larger base cases. I suggest that he search IEEE PAS.

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Don Kelly

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