modification of motion sensor-

i added a halogen to the pole further up and connected it together...exactly how do i do this? i tried a couple different wiring configurations with varying results, perhaps there is too much power going through the whole thing? perhaps feedback from the halogen itself onto the circuit board inside the sensor housing, perhaps i need to splice the middle wires through the wires that come directly out of the housing to the lamp sockets? it seemed all very simple, quite intriguing really. i did some googling but didnt come up with a whole lot of results.

i have a digital cam and can supply pictures. i also dissected a defective sensor all looks very good and would appreciate any help.

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would you mind re-reading this and then explaining what you are doing and what you would like help with?

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Sorry if my previous post was off the mark.

The reason: I found some people in my backyard the other day, and was concerned why my sensor/light didn't come on after all its going off all the time for no reason. They had so rudely unscrewed my bulbs without my permission when they entered my backyard also without my permission. So now, I want to move the light, I upgraded to one with a sensitivity setting, from the original box to the corner about 6', 3' higher up just out of reach and pointing away from the tree branches whereby right now I have to aim it so low, I almost have to be in front of it to activate the sensor. Now, I want to mount the halogen further up to illuminate the entire area further out whilst my sensor light and lights can be aimed lower.

Ok, I have a motion sensor light, the type with a 250W rating. I want to splice the wires just so as to make my sensor lights and my 150W halogen turn on when the motion sensor is activated. My halogen is a small modified trouble light that I removed the clamp from and mounted to a 2x8. I am taking off from the box with some armored cable directly to the halogen which sits perhaps five or six feet above the sensor light unit. I am grounding everything and taking off from the existing box with same armored cable to where I want the new motion sensor to be, and removing the existing light and putting a plate on the box.

The problem I believe is perhaps my splicing of the wires coming from the sensor itself. Or perhaps the 250W rating on the motion sensor/light fixture is too low to power the 150W halogen I want to add. Currently I am using two

75W halogen floodlights typical to these fixtures.

Hope this clarifies.

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I'll try.

You can get passive IR sensors degined to switch the supply to lamps. They typically have four terminals

1) live 2) return 3) earth 4) switched live

The lamps are wired between 4 and 2.

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You can get passive IR sensors with lamp(s) attached. They only need connections 1,2 and 3 - but it may be possible to identify the two wires going to the inbuilt lamps.

They are generally designed specifically to match the lamp(s). Adding extra lamps is not a good idea unless you examine the circuit components used to see if they will handle the extra load. If you did add an extra load, it would be in parallel with the existing lamps. ie the wires going to the lamps built into the unit.

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If in any doubt about it - get one of the sensors designed to be used with seperate lamps, with a rating at least as great as the load that you intend to apply. Modifying a unit not intended to be used with seperate lamps needs to be left to those that know precisely what they are doing.

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