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We are interfacing a motor control panel to an existing motor controller in
a bucket for a conveyer that carries coal. My question is: is there any
standard that requires that the on and run lights be controlled from the
control panel or can they remain part of motor controller?
The control panel provides a 30 second buzzer then a 15 second shunt for the
zero speed switch. The 120 volt control panel power is derived from the
motor control transformer. The remote start stop stations are connected to
the control panel and not the bucket.
There are two sets of run and off lights at the bucket and at the start
stop station.
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Gerald Newton
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My biggest concern would be to make sure that the safety shutoff system (pull cords, e-stops, etc.) are tied directly to the appropriate motor starter to lock out the motor. It should not go through any PLC controls or anything!!!
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Provide an E stop, emergency directly to the coil of the starter.
Check with your safety guy.
I am not aware of anything concrete about what you ask. I will watch for the experts to let us know
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Whats in the control panel?? A PLC or just a bunch of relays? Remote E stop switches have to immediately break the circuit to the coil. Other stop switches may have a timed stop to let the belt empty before stopping it ( You 'll find out when you have to shovel coal off a belt that won't start when it's loaded ) There are standards I don't have copies here. Run and power lights need to come off a device that shows the belt is runing ( a PLC don't count). Your NRC book is not much good, Msha got lots of info on how to wire and control them. Almost like the NEC but different enought to get you in trouble. http://www,
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B J Conner

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