Odd Fan Switch Speed Setting

Hello, Everyone:

I have an electric fan whose speed setting is 0-3-2-1, where 3 represents the highest speed and 1 the lowest. When you turn on the fan, the first thing you get is the highest speed, and the speed gets progressively slower as you turn to 2 and then to 1 which is usually what I want.

I am just curious why the setting is not 0-1-2-3 which seems to be more reasonable than the 0-3-2-1 setting. Could anyone offer an explanation?

Thank you!


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Maybe the 1 setting is low enough that there's a risk the motor might not overcome the initial/static friction and start at all. By running though 3 first, that's not an issue. It's still an issue if the power gets disconnected whilst the switch is on the 1 setting and power is later restored.

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Andrew Gabriel

It gives the motor the needed kick to get started. Starting in low reduces the lifespan of the motor and loads down the electrical wiring for a longer period of time. If you've ever stop and noticed, ceiling paddle fans are the same way. When you pull the chain it starts in high, then medium, then low, and then off.

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