off topic cross post

an off topic cross post
If you think you got it then either use it or lose it. don't expect it like it's your birthright. reiterating: 'use it or lose it' especially in the w
ay your forefathers were almost legitimately proud of. get it? your not the m except they're dead now. what you_may be proud of never justifies anythin g else. This mentality is also a country's or nation's downfall usually aft er they ruin many and many things for no reason except what I just said. Yo u are the English I HATE; for example.
Obtain within and on_your_own_merit_as_it_applies.
As a reply to certain prideful mentalities,
Your arrogance forces me say 'prove it'; often with a similar mentality min us relying on my unknown family lineage; heritage and so called race.
I AM_arrogant and it's justified because all my vast [sarc.] potential has_ always been stifled to sub par mediocrity and during these time I was PUT D OWN at every opportunity. so.
Like I said and I must be careful here Europeans were in_fear when first se eing natives. So much so they used all of there arrogant_evil sh*t to WIN ( and 'WINNING' probably wasn't even translatable (not a word) in most occupi ed territory).
Now being proud (for no good reason) of a small fraction of my lineage (sti ll unknown to me BTW). Lineage not the word. My life a reflection of what t his fraction of my 'lineage' MUST have gone through. Ain't it all kinda fun ny, coincidental, ironic, and tragic. Up to now.
Wonderful as f*ck.
Also, within itself and those involved the all the same plus the controvers y. (talk about convoluted).
Simon C. Roberts B.Sc. B.Eng. P.Eng.
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