our table office is located behind a wall full of high vfd's 480 volts

Our new office desk and computer is located next to an electrical switchgear
room full of 6 feet high VFD's at 480 volts. There are at least 8 of them
directly behind our wall, within 4 feet. We sit behind a one cinder block wall
separating our desk behind all this equipment. All 480 volt feed wires go
through our room in a metal chase, and there must be at least 30 wires thick
like the arm, above our heads 6 foot from the floor. They installed a thin metal
skin 1/8 inch behind our desk in the wall, I guess to prevent pieces of metal in
case of short or flash arking. My question is. Does OSHA have any regulation as
far as minimum clearence and office where people sit for 8 hours and 480 volt
VFD equipment behind their backs drawing at least 200amp each? And there are at
least 8 of them in the row. How about electrical radiation, harmonics, or the
effects in the brain. The space is too close to our desk. Thank you for your
answer and can you direct me to a resource so I can present it to my boss? Thank
You again. DD.
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