Problem with light switches

Hi all,
I'm in a new home (since Feb. '03). Some of the light switches "pop"
when they are switched on - not very loudly (but loud enough to make
you notice). If you turn the switch off then on again, it doesn't pop
- it only happens the first time.
Could the electrician have used old switches in the house? I've
checked voltage between hot and neutral (and hot and ground) - runs
about 122 volts.
I did notice the electrician used the "punch downs" (whatever you call
it) in the back of the switches rather than the screw terminals - I
personally don't like this, but I don't know if this matters or not.
Anyone have any ideas?
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"Budman" wrote
Replace the switch with a new one and see if the problem goes away.
I don't like the push in connectors either and won't use them. There is a debate about the pros and cons of push in connectors though so YMMV.
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Dan Berry
- Budman -
- Dan Berry -
- Nehmo - But why are the switches popping? And why only when cold?
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Nehmo Sergheyev
Might be a cold short (tiny gap between the wiring and the conductor body of the switch.) When you turn on the cold switch, electricity jumps the gap and the lights turn on. As the wire heats up (probably quite quickly given the gap) it expands just enough to close the gap. If you turn the switch off and then back on, the wire has not shrunk enough to create a large enough gap to give a pop.
Instead of new switches, I would try removing the wires from the push-in connectors and re-attach them to the appropriate screw terminals. (Assuming you know what you're doing!) If the house is newly constructed, I would call the builder back.
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