Problems starting refrigerator compressor (again)

New problems with my frige compressor...

The problem is that the start relay I bought blowed my compressor. I have another one to test, but I cannot fail this time. The relay looks like this:

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The part at the left has a ceramic disc inside. I suppose an overload protector. Two pins are connected to one side, and 2 to the other. There is a spare hole connected to pin 1 of the relay expecting to be jumpered to some side of the disc. The other part (the relay I suppose) has 3 pins. It is a black plastic sealed cilindric box. It has almost-0 ohm between every pair of pins. This is what I tested:

Applied 220v to one side of the fuse, jumpered the other side to pin 1 of relay, wired pin 2 to "start" of compressor, and pin 3 to "run" of compressor. Wired neutral from 220v to common of compressor. The compressor started well, but the fuse heated after 1 minute and stopped. So i bypassed the fuse, and sweeped run/start wires. Compressor started again, but after 1 minute, the start winding blowed.

It blowed smoke through the oulet, and the resistance of the start pin became infinite. The compressor is in the thrash now.

I have another one to check, it is the same model. But this time I cannot fail.

Any idea to avoid risks?

Thanks in advance. Eduardo

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