question for canadian engineers

My girlfriend is applying for medical residency in several "outlying
cities" across Canada and her city ranking-order will be somewhat
influenced by my ability to find employment in these cities.
If you have a sense of ENGINEERING employment availability across
Canada, please rank the following cities from "best to worst" in terms
of the QUANTITY of engineering jobs available in each city. More
specifically, this would be for electrical or biomedical engineering.
Here is the list:
Winnipeg (Manitoba),
Saskatoon (Saskatchewan)
St-John's (Newfoundland)
General impressions about the cities are also appreciated. Thanks.
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she will be best off running a 'position wanted' ad in one of the relevant professional journals... the rest of what you are asking about is hair splitting in relation to the real issues and how to get a job.
Phil Scott
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Phil Scott

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