we fully support our fellow christians!no place to fuelling civil war!

what happend in achrafieh has nothing to do with lebanese muslims!
we´ve been living together for a long time and if we would do such thing we
would then have done it during the chaotic 2005.
but we believe in diversity and what MP Seniora and MP Hariri said is an
example of how we lebanese muslims feel! im very shocked to what ive
seen!and i congratulate syria coz it won in this retaliatory act of bringing
chaos to lebanon.
most of the demonstraters r really mob pple and gangsters who were paid to
cause that kind of chaos.all over the world theyve demonstrated but they
didnt attack innocent pple and set army vehicles ablaze!! u think they were
lebanese those rioters??? one can see clearly.......
the tricky mistake was that our goverment couldnt predict such thing and
didnt step up security around that area.on behalf of all lebanese muslims i
condemn that chaotic demonstration aimed at fuelling civil war, and i give
my support to our fellow christians in lebanon.
i hope next time the goverment will understand how to rule with an iron
fist,such pple should be smashed and put in jail.i wonder how much among
them were syrians and palastinians!!!!!
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electrical does not equate to electoral my friend, sorry.
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Billy H
On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 20:32:31 -0000, "Billy H" Gave us:
Well, we likely have you to thank now for stupid weird posts like this showing up in alt.engineering.electrical.
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Roy L. Fuchs
Oh shit. Now I'm the cause of 50000 deaths in Iraq too because I once posted in us.military
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Billy H
On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 21:06:52 -0000, "Billy H" Gave us:
Let's just say that THAT retarded fuck never posted here before. He has to be one of the most retarded twits I have ever seen posting in Usenet. He is illiterate for one thing, and it appears he likes it that way.
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Roy L. Fuchs
He sounds like a labenese, so I reckon he doing pretty well with his English language.
Navigation I'd question.
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Billy H
On Sun, 5 Feb 2006 21:41:52 -0000, "Billy H" Gave us:
Nope. He is fluent in english, he just chose gang boy retarded methods for writing, like no capitalized "I" and writing "r" when he means "are", and "pple" when he means "people".
Some lazy fucktards should not be allowed access to the internet.
Some of his posts appear as if the government might be interested in his ass as well. Although they may see him for what he is... an abject idiot.
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Roy L. Fuchs

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