Any civil folks out there who have recently begun using Civil 3D?

We have recently purchased ACAD 2006 with LDD and also Civil 3D. We are a civil firm, doing primarily subdivision & commercial work. We do alot of grading plans, road plans/profiles, sewer and storm drain design.

None of us has ever used the Civil 3D before. I have gone through some of the tutorials, and from what I understand, you create your surfaces and alignments etc. in LDD and then have to import them into Civil 3D. One thing I like from the limited review I've done is that it seems as though if something changes in the plan the profiles etc. are automatically updated.

I tried to get our management to send us all to the AUGI class in Atlanta, and they seemed willing at first, but then when it came down to the wire, we were all just too busy to go (deadlines and more deadlines). I would be interested to hear how you successfully transitioned to Civil 3D, and if you have noticed an increase in productivity from using it. Any observations/suggestions are welcome!

Robin Doherty Project Manager Betts Engineering Associates, Inc.

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Who told you about the secret hand shake?

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Brian Spillane

People don't care about the latest or best. It is only a job so why stress your brain with work. Only need enough features to 'get by'. Like in MS Word - a study of 100,000 users - on an average only 20% of available features were ever being used. On the other hand it is difficult for me to believe that MS made a study of anything.


ps I use WordStar

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wordperfect office 10 upgraded from I forget which version when the original cd bit the dust. don't use but maybe 5% of the "features"

I need a spreadsheet, a word processor, and I want to stay as far from Microsoft as is possible.

I think I gave something like $15 for it.

IF I NEEDED IT TO DO MORE, I WOULD BUY SOMETHING ELSE. but all the bells & whistles are only so much noise to me.

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I remember Wordstar!!! I used to use it back when I was a word processer in the early 80's before I learned Autocad Rel 10 for DOS!!!

Seriously though, so are you saying it is not worth the effort to learn the Civil 3D "bells and whistles", and more efficient to just keep using LDD? I do alot of grading, create surfaces and volume calcs.

Insert "secret handshake"

And how did I hear about the secret handshake? Well now, if I told you then I'd have to kill you :) -RAD

joe wrote:

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I do a lot of that too.

For me, the "secret handshake" is Terramodel.


I had a copy of WordStar 6.0 that I got with my first laserjet - a III ! I used to completely typeset ()except the photos) the greatest brochures with it.

I only switched to MS Weird a couple of years ago when I got a job as a technical writer for a while.

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Happy Trails

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