Re: TLV3702 Comparator: input > Vcc ?

Am I reading the datasheet to the TLV3702? It says that the input
> voltages can exceed the rail voltage? Here is the datasheet.
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> If that is the case does anyone know of any other comparators that are
> capable of this and can operate off a single supply upto 12v?
> Preferably cheaper:).I've been wading through Digikey and that's the
> only one I can find.
> I know it's slow but I don't need nanosecond transitions uS are good > enough.
Linear makes the LT1716, inputs can go to 44 v regardless of supply,
according to the datasheet.
Looks like it costs a little more than the TI comparator.
I cross-posted this to some other newsgroups in hopes of hearing of
other high-side comparators. I didn't know about the TLV370x until I
saw your post. That's a real micropower chip. Take a look at the
graphs for output. You really don't want to put much of a load on it.
You also have the option of using a high-side op amp as a comparator,
especially since you don't need nanosecond response times. FET op
amps like the TL08x are very common and fairly cheap. You can even
get them with nulling pins.
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And LT6700 common mode goes to 18v regardless of supply.
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