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I have a simple question for you. Im using a 12volt rectifier to convert A/C power from my 100watt AC transformer, to 12volt DC. The problem Im having is, the rectifier im using is rated to about 12 amps, but while only drawing around 5-6 amps, it starts getting REALLY hot.

It requires a heatsink and fan, and even then it stays very hot. Are there any More efficient Rectifiers, that can handel 8 amps or so, without Heating up very much? or atleast only requiring a heatsink and not a fan?

Thanks a lot for your time

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MBR3045WT SCHOTTKY RECT 45V 30A TO-247AC about $0.76 at Digikey

Schottky rectifiers have a lower forward voltage (about 0.35v) drop than regular rectifiers (about 0.0 - 1.0v). The heating is caused by the product of voltage draop and current. One-half the voltage drop is one-half the heating.

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