Residence Power Meter And Reactive Loads Question ?


Think I have a very basic understanding of VA, Power Factor, etc. but was wondering about this:

Even though most of the load in a typical residence is probably all resistive, how does the power meter outside "decide" what's reactive and what's resistive ?

It measures the total current going into the house, doesn't it ?

But you should, I think, be charged Only for the current consumed/required by all the resistive loads. Is this true ?

Does it just measure total VA, and assume a Power Factor ?

If someone a lot better at this stuff could explain this for me, would be most appreciative.

Thanks, and Happy Holidays, Bob

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There was a long thread here "Balancing the Breaker Box" recently. Read that. It should pretty much answer your questions.

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Dean Hoffman

The meter measures true power, so the power factor of the load has no effect on the charges.

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James Sweet

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