Running a 200V 3 phase motor with 230 volts?

I am trying to run a quincy compressor with two 1 hp 3 phase motors.
The motor nameplates says 200 volts. I get an overload message running
230V from my phase converter. The compressor has an elctronic
switching system to cycle the 2 pumps and motors.
Should I step down to 208v volts? I did not see any indicaton of a
Delta or Wye confirguration.
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Delta and wye on small motors is not really an issue.
200 volts? What frequency is it?
Is it possible your phase converter can not handle the load?
At one horse I would be considering new single phase motors to get rid of all the nonsense.
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thats a start, also frequency of the carrrier may need to be tweaked the manual is your friend. it has a 1-800 number on it what is that a japanese motor?
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