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Be really careful of them. Check and recheck the translations BEFORE you give them to the customer. We have all seen the pictures of pacific rim products with English names that we think are funny. I have had Tech manuals translated into Spanish and it was not an easy process.
I once had to have a man read a manual written Italian to me in English so I could trouble shoot the equipment. Took 3 days, he was fit to be tied. Literal translations are worthless, unless you want to insult someone.
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"SQLit" wrote in news:OjBBe.35$
And Technical German is a totally different language than normal German.
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Thanks guys. What I'm trying to do is translate symbols and comments from PLC code to make fault finding easier. The machine builder who built it some years ago wants £10k to do it. Surely it can be done cheaper
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Bob Watkinson
I have done quite a few, what brand plc is it? I may have the plc software already which would make it easier.
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Anthony schrieb:
What? Hey, thats new for me.....;-) I always thought technical english is more difficult than all-day-english. Two examples: A colleague of mine translated the german word of "nutrunning" ("Schrauben" in german)with "screwing"......... I told him that he can expect a funny reaction, guaranteed........... And I ever wondered, what a "Butterfly-Valve" could be.........we call it "Drosselklappe", so the rough-translation would be "restrict-flap".
Greets from Germany, Western Europe
*Excuse my bad english*
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Jörg Offner
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Being part of a German-based company, I have fellow German workers who have difficulty decyphering Technical German, even in German. They tell me technial German is difficult. The thing I find interesting when trying to translate, one German technical term translates a full English sentence.
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