Silver, Gold, Mind Control & Social Engineering

Silver, Gold, Mind Control & Social Engineering
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This video considers how the strong electromagnetic fields that are present in the proximity of highly conductive silver and gold may impact on the human brain and facilitate mind control and social engineering.
I was wrong about Tin being highly conductive. I wish a metallurgist or electrical engineer would give some input here.
The name of the metals are on the left and the conductivity level on the right... [units appear to be 1/(ohm-m)]
Aluminum 59 Brass 28 Cadmium 19 Chromium 55 Cobalt 16.3 Constantin 3.24 Copper: Hard drawn 89.5 Annealed 100 Gold 65 Iron: Pure 17.7 Cast 2-12 Wrought 11.4 Lead 7 Manganin 3.7 Mercury 1.66 Molybdenum 33.2 Nichrome 1.45 Nickel 12-16 Nickel silver 5.3(18%) Phosphor bronze 36 Platinum 15 Silver 106 Steel 3-15 Tin 13 Titanium 5 Tungsten 28.9 Zinc 28.2
Mind Control, Social Engineering, Money, Currency, Commodity, Gold, Silver, Stock Market, Ancient World, Electro-Magnetic Radiation, Brain Waves, Idol Worship, Anarcho- Primitivism
Doreen Ellen Bell-Dotan, Tzfat, Israel
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