some suggestions req.

i am doing my final yr B.E. in anna placements are due
soon.i have a few questions regarding my upcoming interview. do i select my company(core electrical) ?based on parameters like
bond,salary,reputation..etc-what is the ideal situation to look out
2.what are the prospects in this area(electrical in general)?
3.what are the basic qualifications required?(apart from my academic
4.what are the areas that companies look for expertise in?
5.what subjects are given priorities(eg:there is power
electronics,machines,dsp,electric ckt. analysis,control systems..-what
is the priority generally given? i have not decided on the company
yet,but any generic ideas? )
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If You select Protection design or Testing and commissioning field it will be good for you
Go through regularly Protective Relay Guide
i have not decided on the company
Past 18 years I am working in the electrical engineering field.
I was worked as an Asst Engineer /TNEB and Asst Exe. Engr in TNEB for about 12 years. I was involved in testing and commissioning of Circuit breakers upto 400kv, Power Transformers, and Control & Relay Panels. \ For 4 years I was working as a Testing and commissioning engineer in Saudi Arabia for major Oil companies and Elec. Utility company. Now I am working as a protection design engineer for the last one year.
learn lot and it is challenging job. But you have to do hard work. If you have family you cannot be withthem. Always you have to be away from home. But I suggest it is the best field in Electrical engineering.
Try to choose ABB/AREVA/SIEMENS company.
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