Tired of Special Friend

OK.. enough is enough. These articles may have points that hit home to many. But damn, After the first few nights it just gets old!

You wanna stop whets going on? There are several things required. One is to stop the flood of ridiculous law suits and even more ridiculous awards. Two is stop the liberal politicians that have no clue what business is or how it works. Next stop the corruption of officials in charge. Stop judges from making laws. Hold attorneys accountable for there actions or in actions. (you can't sue them for malpractice and get punitive awards. They are the only class of people that this applies to)

There are of course many other things that need to happen, but these would be a start.

I have had enough of "Special Friend". Time to block him out.

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C What I Mean
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Why you have to publicly tell everybody that you are going to block the sender? Just do it. It is your right & prerogative. On the other hand, others are perhaps interested in these articles. I assume you know what the First Amendment is all about, right? Gene

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Funny how some people only seem to read what they want to argue about. No argument about the majority of the comments I made? NO?.. just the one that really has no meaning what so ever. Why did you waste your time typing your dribble back to me about literally nothing!

My comment on "its time to block him out" was one short sentence.

If you wish to keep reading the same thing over and over night after night.. hey go for it... after all, it is your first amendment right!

Jeeezzzz.... get a life.

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C What I Mean

Exactly - I thought this NG was supposed to be about electrical stuff... if I wanted to read rabid ravings by all manner of Usenet kooks, I'd find a more relevant NG like alt.democratic.socialist.workers.party or somesuch.

I'm outta here.


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Morris Overmayer

in article 8babb.531322$Ho3.90468@sccrnsc03, C What I Mean at snipped-for-privacy@yahoo.com wrote on 9/20/03 9:55 PM:

We do need a "Fredom FROM Speech Amendment." People will still be free to spout their stuff, good or bad. but we should be free of their ramming it down our throats by subterfuge.


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Repeating Decimal

Hear! Hear! Bravo.

NO! Don't block him out, which would be not only un-American but unfair because he/she has as much a right to be heard as do we reasonable people. :-) Simply ignore his/her posts just as we do with all the crackpots posting on sci.physics and sci.energy.hydrogen.

Harry C.

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Harry Conover

Repeating Decimal wrote in news:BB934529.AF63% snipped-for-privacy@sbcglobal.net:

I'll buy into the 'subterfuge' and 'ramming down the throat' bit. I plonked 'Special Friend' only to be greeted the next day by 'Upper Class Winner'. This is clearly flooding/abuse.


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Nick Birrer

This IS international forum, therefore your fist amendment does not apply here, on the top of that this is alt.engineering.electrical group, so, as long as he is "on topic" I have no problem, he is free to post any thing. But I feel, I am off topic now, so I am shutting up.


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This is Hilarious! What do you think the USA First Amendment has to do with this group?

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Johan Lexington

Fuck off Nazi.

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Morris Overmayer

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