transistor relay circuit

I'm confused about something.

I'm using the following relay: DSP1-DC5V

Originally I had 5-volts to the top side of a relay coil, the bottom side to the collector of a 2N3904, the base is being driven by a 10k with 5- volts, and the emitter grounded.

I was unable to energize the coil, so I placed a 9-volt battery on the top side of the relay coil while still using 5 volts through 10k on the base and still was unable to energize the relay.

The datasheet states the relay coil is 83 ohms with a normal operating current of 60mA. If the transistor is on full, why wouldn't my 9-volt battery through the 83ohm relay coil energize when that is passing about

108mA through it?

Also, in this case, my collector current doesn't increase as I increase the base current. I thought the collector current would increase as I increase base current.

BTW, I'm working on a school project and I have all the circuits built and the only two circuits not working are my relay coils. I've spent most of the day on this problem and thought I could use x2 2n2904s but again, the base current doesn't drastically affect the collector currrent - all it does is decrease my beta ratio.

Any assistance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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