UPS Efficiency

Hi there all,

I'm trying to work out the efficiency of a ups system.

The USP Manufacturer has given me the following Data:

120kVA UPS System

Efficiency Set1 Set2

25% Load 82.29% 79.84% 50% Load 88.51% 85.83% 75% Load 89.82% 88.95% 100% Load 91.08% 89.83%

I'm trying to work out what my efficiency values would be for different

loading levels ie:

25% load 30% Load 37.5% Load 41% load 46% Load 50% load

How do I find the efficiencies for these different loading levels in Both Set 1 and Set 2?

Thanks loads, Shay

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Stick the figues into a spreadsheet and get the spreadsheet to interpolate intermediate values.

Or plot a graph of efficiency against load on a bit of graph paper and then join the dots in a smooth curve. Read off the graph for intermediate values.

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