What is the advantage of 208 compared to 120/240

I'm in a battle at work with a coworker that decided to install a 480v to
208-120/240v three phase transformer and panel. After checking pricing, I
could have installed a 480v to 120/240v single phase transformer and panel
for 100s of dollars less, (every company wants to save money). IS there any
advantages to 208 three phase compared to 120/240 single phase transformers?
The company I work for does not use 208v for any of it's equipment and this
panel will be use to power recepticals and lighting.
Thanks Guys
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If the 480 VAC is three phase, as I would expect it to be, there is little down side. It requires no extra wires assuming that there is a considerable load. You will get three 120 V sources that could, if necessary provid 208 line to line. If you get a three phase transformer for the conversion, you might be able to save on transformer cost.
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Repeating Decimal
The 120/208 3ph-4w panel will give you better load balance. The 480/208v 3 ph transformer with the appropriate delta or zigzag windings will cancel 3rd harmonic load currents, keeping them off the 480v system neutral.
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Paul Hovnanian P.E.
How much is the total load of this panel? If it's almost trivial (100A or less) it might be worth it to scrimp, otherwise I'd expect the cost to be fairly close and you'll want to balance the load anyway.
Also, if you ever wish to install a 3 phase widget that doesn't come in a 277/480V version, you'll regret not having the 3 phase panel.
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Michael Moroney
Or if you have large motor loads, 3 phase becomes important.
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