My wife has a love hate relationship with all things mechanical and electrical, they hate her.

She has wrecked our vacuum as many as 8 times in one year, She has totaled our car a couple of times. The dishwasher just broke down, again. The Stove broke just broke down again Every time she gets on my computer it stops working and I spend an hour or so trying to get it back up.

In the mornings before I am up, she is generally on the computer untill it refuses to work any more for her and I come up to a locked up computer. I do not want to put a pass word on the computer as that would be to obvious and we would battle over it. Well I just found a way to keep her off it with out her knowing what is happening..

Here is the trick. I put a 3.5 inch floppy, any one even a blank one, preferable, in the 3.5 inch drive at night when I turn the computer off at night.

In the morning when she turns it on, it comes up and tells her to insert a disk with the operating system on it and press a key.

Every time she presses a key, the same message comes up till she gets tired of it and leaves in disgust.

When I come up, I pull the 3.b inch disk and press a key and lo and behold the computer comes up.

This might even work, for a while , to keep kids off the computer. . . I DO NOT FOLLOW MANY OF THESE NEWS GROUPS To answere me address mail to snipped-for-privacy@aol.com

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