A new way to display your Excel calculations


I would like to share with you a new handy Excel add-in that transforms for mulas into easy-to-read graphical images. This is to provide a clear visual isation on your spreadsheet calculations.With CodeCogs' fxRender, the formu la appears in an easy-to-read, portable format with just one-click. No long er do you need to rummage around in the formula bar to understand the logic . fxRender has many uses, including: document and audit calculations with b eautiful colored equations that present your calculations in a clear and co ncise format; find errors with a structured view of the variables and value s used in formulas; and publish equations to other applications and website s. Excel sheets with embedded fxRender equations can also be shared in the normal way, without others needing to install fxRender

Maricel Berganio Codecogs snipped-for-privacy@codecogs.com

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