How to replace LMG7420 (Toshiba T6963c) with LMG7420 (RA6963L2NA )

i have a machine working with LMG7420PLFC-X (Toshiba T6963C) when this LCD
become faulty , i bought another one but unfortunately , it was LMG7420PLFC-X
(RA6963L2NA ) , after i connected it to the machine , it is displaying correctly
, but the whole display is blinking , and going increase until it restart the
Please if someone had good advice to solve this problem, it will be appreciated.
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110V or 230V? Single phase? PFC? What colour is it?
Of all the usenet newsgroups you had to walk into, you chose this one presumably as your laptop runs on electricity. There are more relevant places to ask like comp.sys.laptops
All you need is a usenet client.
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