PQ instruments fulfiling IEC61000-4-30 :2003 Class A

I'm looking for instrument which fulfil a standard
IEC61000-4-30 :2003 Class A, and other IEC 61000-4-7,
IEC 61000-4-15, EN 50160, allready I've found:
- model 4400 Power Guide from Dranetz-BMI,
- model TOPAS 2000 from FLUKE,
It has to be small in size, operating temperature
widest as possible, weatherproof case
and has uninterraptible power supply for min.1hour.
Is there more instruments with "sag directivity"?
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The Topas does not seem to have made to the American market,.,,,, yet.
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On this page are two Fluke RPM meters that I will bet are the big brothers to the Topas. I have had a lot of experience with the RPM and like it cause you set it up and it records everything. After check to see that the meter is connected correctly you push the record button in the software and walk away until it is done. The RPM needs 120v.
There are lots of meters that conform the level of accuracy your looking for. Remember the whole assembly needs to have the accuracy. Some folks I know have tried to use Ct's from overcurrent protection systems as monitoring. Close but no cigar.
Dranetz-BMI are good meters. They used to be separate companies.
The Fluke-RPM is not cheap. Last one I bought was ~$25000.00 by the time I got the flexi ct's and all of the software. The report writer is not perfect but saves a lot of time.
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Thanks for all info above.
That's interesting about the folks :) I have a hasitate in mind, - accuracy 0.1% (reading value) + 0,05% (of full scale) is maybe to much, couse let put it together with flexible CT's (accuracy 1%) and super Class A instrument is not so fine. Next question is - What CT's in range 0-5A has better accurace in module and angle.
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