Innes Instruments Dumore Sensitive Drill Press 16-011

Maybe someone here in RCM would recognize the name Innes, I haven't found any info regarding what the company produced. The location of Innes shown on a metal tag on the drill press shows Pasadena CA, and I suspect that the drill press may possibly be a late 60s or 1970s model.

These Dumore series 16 high speed sensitive drill presses sure are cute, but I would have to need one very badly to pay the approximately $800 price of a new one.

This particular unit has several modifications made for, or by Innes, for a speific purpose, it seems.

A flat ground square steel plate was added to the table. The on/off switch was removed and an indicator lamp (#47 6.3V) was added. A stop block was added to the table support, and a bracket was added to the table post. The bracket has a vertical hole that looks as though a micrometer head, or maybe a dial indicator may have been used to contact the stop block. A 2-conductor cord with a 1/4" audio-type plug (headphone, etc) was wired to the lamp and a bananna plug jack added to the motor housing. A short 3' AC power cord with a grounded AC plug is present instead of the standard 8' cord. Inside a large circle "O" on the Dumore data plate, someone scratched a Peace sign in the circle (hence the speculation of 60s or 70s vintage). An adjustable stop was added under the head (motor housing). The handwheel was removed from the table feed and replaced with a hub and handle (radial spoke-like).

The audio plug may have gone to a 6V power supply, and there might have been a switch or insulated contact associated with the bracket and stop block (instead of a micrometer head or dial indicator), which could have lit the indicator lamp when the correct depth was attained, just as a guess.

On this drill press, like some other small drill presses, the table raises by a handwheel (gear & rack) which moves the workpiece up to the drill, instead of a conventional quill with a spindle that lowers the drill to the work.

The head (motor housing) and table support, can both be adjusted vertically, and the table support swings away for larger parts which can be placed on a machined pad on the base.

The head and table support castings are aluminum and the base is cast iron. A much older drill press model I have, all the castings are iron. The column is steel tubing, presumably ground to the finished diameter. The handwheels are aluminum, but newer models have synthetic handwheels.

RPM 17,000 no load

115V AC/DC Amps 1 HP 1/16 Capacity 3" to column Jacobs O keyed chuck JT0 0-5/32" Chuck to table 4" max. Feed: 1-5/8" Table size 3-1/2" dia. Height 17" Weight 9 lbs.
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