Re: UG NX 6 To Run On Mac OS X

Actually the Mac OS-x is a very good OS. A couple years ago I met a
fellow at SWW who's company bought Macs to run SW on using a virtual
machine. They did this for performance reasons. UG is now less
resource intensive than SW is and much less of a pain to install and
maintain. Getting away from a future with Vista is IMHO a good move.
All this graphics card and hardware confusion that is associated with
SW would go away. The OS would be optimized for one set of hardware.
Unfortunately SW would have a hard time going down this path. In the
end it will be users that determine the fate of this, but I think
MSoft has been obnoxious enough about the whole thing to have really
put off a lot of people and open the door to Apple.
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Specifically what bells and whistles Jon?
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Don't forget that there is a very good incentive for Siemen's/UGS to put NX on the Mac OSX platform, Apple is a large, very long term customer of theirs. They have been using UG/NX since before V10 came out in 1994. Always had to run on Unix workstations because they couldn't use Windows to develop their own products on. And actually NX has been on Mac OSX since NX4, but limited to a single customer.
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Ben & Mickie Loosli
Which means CAD on the Mac is not just a new fad. They have some miles under their belt. At the same time it would seem like the Mac world is still a bit of a free for all when it comes to CAD. By this I mean that it is likely something revolutionary may appear there instead of incremental tweaks.
One big question is whether NX has the usual interface or has it been Mac-ified?
for further reading:
formatting link
(apparently Mac can be used in electronics design with a lot of support for Mac)
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TOP wrote in news:e9051ebc-99ba-4e2e-8c14-ebf2f2a68ca8
Also, Mac OS X has *nix roots, where UG has been before. The port would not be nearly as difficult as it would be for SW
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Dale Dunn
NX looks the same whether Mac, PC, Linux, or UNIX. Makes it real easy to jump between systems.
-- Bill
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After spending some time with Vista, I couldn't agree more. Windows Vista could be the worst OS ever created. The thought of using a Mac had never crossed my mind in the past, but I will certainly be looking at other operating systems before I buy another Vista computer.
The funny part is, the first time I ever booted up Vista, the first thing that came to my mind was, "Wow, this really looks like a ripoff of a Mac interface."
I don't need cute pictures to tell me what I'm clicking on. I want a computer that works.
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