Wireless exterior wall lighting?

hi i thought maybe someone on this group could help. i have several
concrete columns surrounding my house. they are about 150 to 200 feet
away from my house. i would lvoe to put some lights on the outside of
them, however, i've called several electricians and have been told
it's extremely complicated and expensive, especially since we have to
pull permits. i was thinkng the ideal situation would be to simply
place a wireless wall sconce on the columns, then i wouldn't ahve to
deal with electrical wiring. Maybe something solar, or possibly
flourescent lighting of some kind that does not need a lot of power,
but that is wireless. i've looked EVERYWHERE on line and cannot find
any decent looking exterior wireless wall lights for sconces. any
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It's hard to say without some sort of diagram or pictures of your yard, but chances are it's not an impossible task to install wiring. Check a tool rental shop (United Rentals, Home Depot) for a trench digger. You can knock out most of the digging with this gem in a day. Plastic conduit is fairly cheap. Lay it down, run a pull cord through it, and that's 90% of the job. The rest is a fairly simple wiring job. You'll also be left with some fine places for plugs.
Now, if you want to run conduit or wiring through the actual concrete columns, then things get complicated.
Solar lighting generally doesn't need a lot of power, but it also doesn't put out much useful light.
If your thinking of small lights with the solar panel built in, you'll have to Google like crazy. If you want something with a little more power, or are willing to do some wiring, you can get a larger solar panel, put it somewhere out-of-the-way but still able to get some sun, and with a little wiring and a controller, you can put some good lights out there. It's a bit much to explain in a newsgroup post, but it's certainly possible.
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Wireless? Talking about battery? Usually the battery light can light up about 2 hours with full charged (even you use a plug to charge in daytime).
If u insisted to place lightings in columns, thinking about overhead or underground wirings (depended on actual environment).
May be considerd to use gas (oil) lighting or etc?
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