How do you prefer to buy LEGOs on eBay - mixed lots or specific parts?

I have tubs and tubs of LEGOs that I'm planning to sell on eBay, and
I'd like to get an idea of how people prefer to buy them: large random
mixed lots or smaller groups of specific pieces separated by type
and/or color.
ps. no offers please, I sell on eBay only.
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if you have rare sets with boxes and manual, people pay much.
if you have rare technic parts put them together and make people want the other group with rare parts that is needed to use with an other set.
if you have common parts, group them and put them together.
start low, don't be afraid, it can be then in the last minute the price of a set goes shy high (200% up or so).
make the axion end just afther dinner in most of you target countries: 19:00 or 20:00
and maybe you also want to sell fixed price sets via
formatting link
or rare parts, you can look up what has been paid for them last month. remember that people on bricklink like to buy more then one part and like to combine differant parts that they can use together.
make the start up easy; so no starting order amound and on auctions keep the start price low (like ebay says; it really works).
:) good luck.
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