My Local TRU store is running a contest NEED HELP

They have a life sized Blue Knight and they are asking how many legos
it took to build it....... Anyone Know the Answer ???????
This thing is huge!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just got intop collecting Legos and
it would be awesome to win some of the new Knights sets they are
giving away.........
Please email me direct i WORK allot
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Dude, take a guess. If anyone here knows the answer, I doubt they'd help you cheat and possibly take the prize away from someone who guessed.
CC'd to your email since you don't have the time to read the dozen or so postings we get in each week. :-(
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Jeff Findley (Popped_cases2) wrote in news:
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I hope this isn't the real number. I'd rather see some "kid" win the prize than some cheating teenager or adult who asked for the answer in r.t.l.
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Jeff Findley

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