best picks for common locks?

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(This also depends on your own skills/approach/style. Many people us one pick for almost all locks... but which pick varies. And there are going to be times when switching tools is the right answer.
There's an official answer, and then there's the one I use because it's what I learned with and find matches my reflexes (and actually, the one I _really_ prefer is my own homebrew, which is a mid-size variant of one of the standard picks; I find the normal a bit too large and the most common reduced version a bit too small.)
Remember: All the pick does is let you reach into the lock, move things around, and feel what's going on. If you understand that, and understand locks, you should be able to develop a sense of which tools make sense where. If not, keep practicing until you do understand.
(That was zen. This is dao.)
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Joe Kesselman
Ottawa Canada
We don't generally discuss defeating locks on this open forum.
The average 5-pin tumbler is usually well worn and not all that hard to pick.
You asked about pick sets a couple of days ago as I recall.
You should probably re-read the chapter on picking pin tumbler cylinders in your locksmithing book and make notes of just what you are trying to do to the pins in the lock, and you will find that with some thought and re-rereading of your book, you will be able to answer your question yourself.
"jsmith" ( writes:
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Brian K.Lingard
hook,half ball,medium
5-pin plugs?
standard lock pic set. standard diamond, hook, rake and a few different size tensions.
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"Brian K.Lingard" snipped-for-privacy@FreeNet.Carleton.CA> wrote in message news:clsa09$jdr$
he really wasn't asking defeating instructions but more likely just wanting to know what type pics to have on hand.
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Could someone suggest the best types of picks(double hook,half ball,medium
hook,large rake,medium rake.....) for the most common 5-pin plugs?
Thanks in advance.
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Look at the wards, and look at the length of the pins. The pick has to maneuver around the wards while still raising the pin high enough.
There is not really a single pick that will work all common locks equally.
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