What are all of these picks for?

Having lost my original pickset, I decided to order a few more (found
out that they're a lot easier to get than they were 4 years ago).
I ended up getting some bigger sets this time. Now, the problem is that
I've got all of these wacky picks and I'm not sure what to make of them.
Keep in mind that I've been able to open (through days of trying in some
cases) all locks I've tried my hand at, except two (one is a padlock
with one high pin in between two low ones, so I need a taller hook...
and the other lock is a 7-pin Best lock, that I haven't tried since my
skills have improved).
The locks I've been able to pick are a handful of pin padlocks, a few
kwikset locks, and a few wafer locks consisting mostly of those cheap-o
cam-type locks that you see on display cases and whatnot.
Anyway, the point of all of this is that I've picked all of these locks
using only the *hook* pick that came with one of the sets. Now, in a few
cases, I'll use the half-diamond (aka. triangle) pick on a cheap lock to
see if I'll get lucky and not have to pick the individual tumblers....
but that's about it. One pick and one tension wrench have gotten me by.
So, I'm wondering what I'm supposed to do with these other picks. I've
got one that looks like a set of teeth or a mountain range with about 4
or 5 triangles in a row
formatting link
which hasn't
really worked in anything I've tried. And the one that *completely*
baffles me is this one that has a little ball on the end
formatting link
. What in the
tarnation am I supposed to use *that* on? Are these for some strange
locks that I haven't encountered yet, or are they just something more to
- Joe
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Joe Emenaker
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Mosly, they're for additional dealer profit on the part of those selling picksets...
Most of the "wacky picks" are known as rakes. They are sometimes (rarely!) useful on locks that aren't responding to "proper" picking technique. They mostly rely on luck rather than skill.
I've used rakes successfully. But I have VERY rarely needed to try them, and on those occasions they have been only marginally useful.
Ball picks are like diamond picks but different. They seem to work well on some specific locks.
Experiment with 'em. If you find a use for 'em, you'll know what to look for next time. If you don't, you'll know what to avoid next time.
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Joe Kesselman (yclept Keshlam
That would be my opinion. When I first started, I went for the super duper "professional" lock pick set. Now I have settled on two picks that seldom fail me. The hook and the diamond. All my other picks stay snug in the carrying case. Interestingly, I have also found I don't really have to pick that many locks.
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more (found
years ago).
problem is that
make of them.
trying in some
a padlock
taller hook...
tried since my
padlocks, a few
those cheap-o
of these locks
Now, in a few
cheap lock to
gotten me by.
picks. I've
with about 4
some strange
something more to
the four basic pick designs are all that I have ever needed. the hook, ball, diamond, and rake, plus a tension tool
well maybe a couple of different hooks and rakes.
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Okay, but what the hell do I do with the ball? It's always been too big to fit in the locks I've tried. Wouldn't it be better to file down one side to make it a half-ball, or is this for picking the locks with two sets of tumblers?
- Joe
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Joe Emenaker
Think about it Joe. It's for picking double or single sided wafer locks. You can move it up, down, in, or out of the lock easily.
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Glen Cooper
been too big
file down one
locks with two
good for some wafer locks..
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"Glen Cooper" snipped-for-privacy@worldnet.att.net> wrote in message ---snip---
Glen, do you remember what you was going to try and get for me ? have ya had any luck ? also, still have that gmc dealership in sugarland tx needing a good locksmith. the one they have keeps screwing up. if you know of someone that services sugarland ? send them over there and tell them to look up Bob Gore (service manager). Tell them to tell Bob that "Keyman" sent them..
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my local GM hired a new mechanic... sent him out on a 03 PU, that the ign was hard to turn...
I didnt KNOW there was that many pieces in a dash...better yet WHY do you take the dash apart to get to the column mounted lock??? Oh well... took 5 minutes to fix...and 2 hours on his part each way to dis and reassemble...
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Check the mail
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Glen Cooper
ran outside to the mail box ! (out of breath now) nothing there ! (scratch head) oh ? ya meant my email :-)
(done deal) Thanks Glen
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First, picking locks is about 1% or so of a locksmith's job, and so we don't spend a lot of time talking about it.
Second, we don't teach picking on this forum. at least I don't.
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Stormin Mormon
The one with the multiple "triangles" can be used to rake or to manipulate like a snake pick. In general it won't do anything the plain half diamond and/or hooks won't do. The ball is for wafer locks, less wear and tear on the wafers than a half diamond. It will work very well on some.
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The ball is best for single sided wafer tumblers. You will find that it is too small for most double sided. You can get double sided picks which function like snake picks for them which work quite well.
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