Punch Job uses profanity in EVERY one of his posts

Punch Job, we are intelligent people here. We are not your usual drinking
buddies, SO you do NOT have to punctuate every sentence with filthy
language. You should learn to express yourself better and then you wouldn't
have to fill the empty spaces with curse words. And I agree with BogusID. I
do not join anything that requires me to trade my personal information to
enter their website. Identity theft is very easy. With a small amount of
information thieves can go a long way.
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I tried to explain, I tried to reason, I bowed to our differences ... our apples are just not the same color i guess.
In the end it seems that punchjob just likes to complain about how lame everyone else is, even tough he doesn't offer constructive input or help anyone himself.
I must conclude he is a well seasoned troll, and have added him to my killfile.
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Yeah? Says who?
We are not your usual drinking
I know I dont have to ya fuck. I like to.
You should learn to express yourself better and then you wouldn't
If Im so fuckin bad at expressing myself why is it nobody can refute what I say?
And I agree with BogusID.
Big fuckin surprise.
You moron the wiki site doesnt ask for any more info than is in the phone book. You gave personal info to your fuckin isp so you can post stupid shit online. What do ya think those people make? Maybe $10/hr? What do you figure stops them from selling all your info? Not that info with no social or DOB is worth much. Get a clue. How bout your fuckin CC companies? They got everything on you. Their lowass paid employees can make real money selling your social DOB credit score and every other damn thing. That's why people with a brain use a credit monitoring service so it's a fuckin nonissue.
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Punch Job
It's a word used by every little bitch who cant win an argument or stand seeing stuff they disagree with. I have posted shit to usenet on and off for fuckin years and have never seen anything yet that scared me so much I had to go run behind a killfile.
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Punch Job
"BogusID" snipped-for-privacy@YesItIs.com wrote in message
that punchjob just likes to complain about how lame
Yes, he does. A while back he posted the decode instructions for McOmie books that use coded drill points. I thought that was probably how it was done. I was sure for the lock drill points but thought maybe there was another formula for the relocker drill points. It was nice to get some clarification. I don't care how much profanity he uses. If it or anything else somebody writes in a NG bothers you you're pretty uptight. He has also posted some safe drilling instructions that as far as I can tell were acurate. By contrast the only thing I've seen you post when somebody asks how to open a safe is some smart ass comment. Maybe you don't know. Maybe you won't share. In the end it's the same thing. So far his technical info has been dead on and that's why I read this group. I think most of you are just pissed off because he posts what you think is supposed to be some kind of secret. Usenet is to exchange information. If you don't like that you are in the wrong place.
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Will Harwick" <Will
Hello Will,
I don't argue that he provides some damn good safe info. He also tends to talk down, swear and berate anyone that breathes his air.
I do agree that Usenet is for open information exchange, and that most of this info can be found elsewhere on the net anyway.
I don't always agree that obfuscation is the best approach to fixing problems, refer back to my position on bumping for example.
The laugh about this whole clusterfuck hinges on a personal decision on whether to sign up to the new locksmith wiki.
Anyone is welcome to sign up to the wiki that wishes to do so. I simply choose not to give my personal info until some viable endorsement of trust is established.
I like it here, and it's easy to filter out those we choose to ignore.
Thanks for your comments!
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