Changing Kwikset deadbolt from double cylinder to single

I just moved into a home built in 1999 and paid to have the place
rekeyed. After moving in I noticed that both the front and back doors
are double cylinder deadbolts, which I'm not very comfortable with.
I would like to convert both of these doors to single cylinder
deadbolts for safety and convenience. Is there a simple solution to
this problem, or will I have to completely replace both deadbolts and
pay the locksmith to come back and rekey them?
Thanks for any thoughts/advice...
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Kwikset deadbolts are low cost.
Best to have the locksmith that rekeyed them install new one's, or buy them yourself and take them over to have them rekeyed to match. (They do sell rekey kits with locks at most hardware stores, but the pins will probably not match and they don't include extras.)
(In jest) The "simplest solution" is to have 2 key copies made, and super glue them on the inside. Make sure to use the glue sparingly along the keys main groove (not where the pin cuts are!). This lets the locks continue to work smoothly, the glue just keeps visitors from taking a key.
The downside here is that some law of life will deem that a key become broken off right away!
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you will need to replace them with single cylinder dead-bolts.
1. you can purchase them and have them re-keyed before you install them. be sure to get dead-bolts that will except your key. your key doesn't have to operate them, just make sure your key goes all the way into the keyway of your new locks.
2. purchase them from the locksmith and have him re-key and install them.
3. install a burglar alarm... g'luck
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They are cheap locks you would do well to upgrade but anyway, the dirt simple solution is to trap a key on the inside by filing the "V" to a \|. The key will go in but it won't come back out. Do it to the cut closest to the bow of the key, and don't cut the lowest portion of the cut any lower or it won't work anymore just modify the ramp to a sharper angle. This solution probably won't satisfy a life safety regulation if one is applicable but it will work.
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Funny that youre a fuckin locksmith and you dont have spare parts for basic locks like this out the ass.
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