Keyless Double Cylinder Deadbolt?

Does one exist??
I have a keyless deadbolt on my 1 garage door entry (no windows) and love
My backdoor has a window and Id to install a Double Cylinder deadbolt on it
but have saftey concerns.
Does anyone know if they make a keyless Double Cylinder Deadbolt?
That way I have a keypad on both sides of the door w/ no knob.
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Rob V
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keyless locks should have some type override anyway. what would happen with a malfunction with the keyless lock in an emergency ? also, hope ya don't think a "keyless" (any type lock) is going to keep someone out.
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Probably not as a standard low-end package; the liability issues on double-cyl deadbolts are bad enough even for the keyed type. You could easily assemble such a solution out of more serious electronic locking systems, of course.
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Joe Kesselman
Was watching the fire fighters putting out a small fire in the stairwell of a block of flats a few weeks ago. A bit of humour, one of the firemen went out onto the street and the door (aluminium frame, glass panels, mag lock) closed and locked behind him. It took him a few seconds to reach up with the tang of his fire axe between the door and lintel and pop the lock open. No damage. And I always thought those things were secure.
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