double-sided doorknob/deadbolt 'one hole solution' - do they exist?

seeking a double-sided doorknob/deadbolt "one hole solution". does such a thing exist?

in other words, I need a normal doorknob-type entry lockset, but instead of having a 'thumbturn lock' on the inside, doorknob has only a keyhole, just like the exterior side. I realize this means that locking -or- unlocking will always involve using the key, which is fine...

door is a 'cheapie hollowcore' steel on styrofoam deal, which can't be replaced

alternately, are there things that can 'add a pull handle' immediately behind a double-sided deadbolt? like a couple of stamped steel things?

thanks for info, guys :-)


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yes, its available, key BOTH sides, its one of the commercial functions. not cheap, BUT.. AFAIK this CANNOT be an 'exit' door, due to requiring a key..

uses regular door mounting dimensions, might have to get a different latch-depending on which backset you got

never seen one BUT there are some that 'screw' on, big SS plate with handle attached. might for strength reasons mount it with 'sex bolts'- would gain 'some help'


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You want ANSI spec F80 hardware. You should be able to order it through any local supplier of commercial hardware. If you want to insert these new locks into any existing keying system(s) now's the time to find out what you already have so that your supplier can match your existing keys to your new locks.

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WeiserBolt? - Combination knoblock/deadlock...

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