Broken Interior Doorknob

Help, please.
I exited my bedroom to the living room closing the door behind me.
Now the door won't open, and it's not locked. The hinges are on the
I tried a coathanger end and a screwdriver in the center of the knob,
but it meets resistance and is a dead end.
I pried off the trim plate thinking I would find screws! NO! There
are two holes that look like recessed rivets, and an Allen wrench and
a screw driver did not help.
The plastic center post turns just fine, and I can hear the knob
turning on the other side. I can't tell if the latch is leaving the
hole in the door frame though. I've tried a putty knife, a credit
card, and an icing spreader to slip back the latch. No go.
Any ideas? How can I get those rivet-like things off? Do I need to
call a locksmith?
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behind me.
are on the
of the knob,
NO! There
wrench and
the knob
leaving the
a credit
I need to
if ya can't handle it ? call someone that can..
no flame intended
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If the lockset looks to be the same as the rest of the interior locks in your house find one that still works and at the very least post the brand name to the site..someone may be able to help if they have an idea what the lock is. If you feel really energetic you might examine one of the other locks to see how its attached. Help hint : Most locks are designed to be hard to remove from the non secure side. It may be a job for the Sawzall ;)
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Jim Gaynor
"Matois" wrote in message
It sounds like the latch mechanism is broken/disconnected. Try pulling the door towards you when you turn the knob or knob spindle. This will take the pressure off the latch if it's binding. Try looking in the spindle to see if you can see what's disconnected.
The most common way to deal with rivets is a drill or grinder. You could probably climb in a window and open the door from the inside.
Good luck,
P.S. Why do people post on USenet when it's a matter of urgency? Wouldn't IRC or calling a locksmith be much more immediate and therefor appropriate?
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