Re: THSS Locksmithing Institute? (2022 Update)

Yes i today found a copy in excellent condition with a micrometric precision key machine that i dont even think was used . The lesson had a date of 1977 and i research the man a bit on facebook and he was a ex RCAF tailgunner apparently worst place to be. No tools other than the machine.

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I took this course in 1980 after graduating high school. At the time it was $399.50 ($24.50/month). I still have all of the course materials, all the completed and graded lessons. Some of the lessons were just true/false quizes while others were more "hands on." For instance, Lesson 9: The Pin Tumbler Cylinder...Changing Combinations and Fitting First Keys. They sent you the hardware for you to work on and then you sent it back to be graded. In this case I had to change the combination of the cylinder, fit a new key to it, and send it all back to them. As I recall they would send maybe five or six lessons out at a time with all of the necessary hardware that needed to be worked on. I quite enjoyed the process. I never became a locksmith but I most definitely have used the skills and knowledge that I learned then to this day. The lock picking lesson was one of my favorites. I still use those lockpicks...

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Yes years ago I took this course ok for beginner locksmith all though the mail even sent you a key machine was called the locksmith institute of little falls nj. Pretty sure no longer around the other one at that time was foley belsaw course . Good luck

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I too found this course in the back of Popular Science (or Popular Mechanics? I got both . . . ) and got dad to fund me during high school. Became the locksmith for the school! Pretty cool to have a master key . . . .

Over the years this has been an occasional side gig and now I do the locks for a vintage auto restorer. He had a 1930s Packard door handle that needed rechroming; thus wanted the cylinder removed. Took it to to different 'smiths who gave up after weeks. Took me 20 minutes . . . Still using the LI picks and the key machine . . .

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