Security Lockout Devices

Many many years ago when landlords needed to lockout a tenant in an
attempt to collect overdue rent or to evict, they would use a CUP, SHOE
or BOOT) which they placed over the door knob that prevented the tenant
from using their key to enter.
I wish to locate one of these specific devices for personal security
puposes. Can anyone assist me in identifying the name of this product
and help me determine if they are still being manufactured and sold?
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I have a 1967 Hoffman locksmith supply catalog that shows one. It is the KEE-BLOK brand. It says it works on 99% of all key in knob locks. I can e-Mail you a picture of it if you would like.....
Leon Rowell
chattan wrote:
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Leon Rowell
If there is a locksmith shop around you they most likely will have it in stock. They're still available and used around here for all kinds of reasons.
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Glen Cooper
Bless your heart, Leon. After reading your post, I entered KEE-BLOK in my search engine and found them sold online.
Before I posted, I called the only locksmith in town, four hardware stores and four security outfits. Can you believe that only one woman and one man at two different hardware stores even knew what I was talking about?... but didn't know what they were called?
Anyways... thanks to all who responded. Hopefully this will solve my long-time intruder dilemma much more cheaply than originally anticipated. Yee-haw!!!
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Presumably they are 'supplied' for purposes other than locking out deadbeat tenants eg they could be used as a quick 'patch' to deal with lost keys.
Otherwise the maker could presumably be sued by angry tenants as seemed to be the case of a device that could be inserted into keyholes to stop keys operating.
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Before using any such devices for any of the "personal security reasons" you listed above be sure that you have official court documents that allow you to exercise that right...
For the most part a landlord can not lock the tenant out of a rented unit in an attemprt to collect past due rent... During an eviction wouldn't you change the lock anyway, most jurisdictions require that locks be at least rekeyed before you can rent the unit again...
Just make sure you stay on the right side of the law on this kind of thing, I don't think you would like to be the one getting fined/reamed in court by someone you don;t want renting your property whose occupancy could be restored by court order if you "breach" your contract with them by locking them out until it is authorized by the proper official...
Evan ~~formerly a maintenance man, now a colege student with a 3.85 GPA
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Like a bunch of other people said the Kee-blok is good, to keep out people with a key, BUT be advised they pick VERY easily. The ones I have seen are all just low security wafer cylinders. A better IMHO, product is:
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You can thank Bradley AKA Absinthe for that one. He's the one that originally posted the link for me on it.
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So says Evan the tampon plant maintenance man moonlighting as a lawyer.
3.85 GPA in BSing 101.
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