The management right of 34 parking lots is at an auction in Xi'an

1st June, 2007
  • Xi'an is in the province of Shanxi, China May 30, Xi'an city government held a news conference and announced an auction in mid-June will be hold publicly on selling three-years management right of 34 parking lots in mid-June. In accordance with the request of Xi'an government, the management right of parking lots which is invested by the city government will be auctioned publicly by phases and batches. After careful consideration, Parking Fee Reform Group finally decide to launch 34 parking lots(1,300 parking spaces)as the first pilot auction. These 34 parking lots are mainly located in busy downtown, such as Dongda Street,Jiefang Road and Erhuang Road. Compared with other car parking lots, these lots have high usage rate, complete facilities, easy management, and abundant profit from investment. According to the speaker from Xi'an traffic control Dep., disclosed, A reserve price is from ten of thousands to 600 thousands. This auction is carried by Public Property Auction House. The competitors must be entrepreneurs and any personal is not allow to involve. The winners can get three-year management right. Auction sum is going to further complete parking lots and road traffic facilities in Xi'an.


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