Advances in Chemistry

Hi, this new book in Chemistry might be of interest of readers of this
newsgroup. Apologies for the post if this is not in your field of
A Selection of C N R Rao's Publications (1994-2003)
This invaluable book comprises assorted recent papers of Professor C N
R Rao, a well-known chemist. It presents current trends in materials
chemistry and physics, offering in-depth information to young
researchers and pleasant reading to experts. Advances in Chemistry
brings out the single-minded dedication of Professor Rao to the
promotion of science.
* Highlights of Materials Chemistry
Transition Metal Oxides (Including Cuprate Superconductors)
* Colossal Magnetoresistance, Charge Ordering and Related Aspects of
Rare Earth Manganates
* Nanotubes and Nanowires
Molecular Solids
* Porous Solids
Open Framework Materials
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