electroless nickel - electrical conductivity vs. phosphorus content

What is the bulk electrical conductivity of a typical electroless nickel deposit as a function of phosphorus content? Specifically:

  1. Conductivity over the range 1% to 12.5% phosphorus by weight? For example, is there a significant difference in conductivity between low-, mid- and high-phosphorus deposits? Particularly, for 11-12.5% phosphorus (high-phosphorus), is the conductivity higher or lower than for lower phosphorus content?
  2. DC (low frequency) and RF (up to 100 MHz)? Is there a significant component to the resistivity attributed to the magnetic response of low- and mid-phosphorus deposits? What is the best type of electroless nickel for rf/microwave applications?
  3. Does low temperature annealing (~135 deg. C) have any effect on the electrical conductivity?


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Grant Kiehne
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