Devcon Plastic Welder

Devcon Plastic Welder is a two part adhesive (in a double syringe package)that smells like acrylic.

I've found it to be quite strong & easy to use on a wide variety of materials. It is fairly viscous and seems to have a slight yield point so it can be more easily applied than epoxies I'm familiar with.

After it is cured it behaves like a thermoplastic; you can heat and bend it.

I'm just passing this info on in case you haven't tried this stuff yet. You may find it a useful addition to your toolkit.

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dave martin
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This is useful information. Do you have any relationship to the product?

Bob McBreen

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Thanks; I've found it to be the adhesive I often prefer for rigid things.

I use Titebond I for woodworking, ShoeGoo for rubbery bonds, 3M 5200 for silicone.

Do you have any relationship to the product?

None whatsoever. I'm supposed to be a materials scientist/engineering educator & find that choice of adhesives is often difficult.

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dave martin

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