New Masking Material - try this stuff!

I've just recently come across a material called Glad Press N Seal that
gives every indiction of being an ideal masking material for acrylic paints.
This stuff is a Saran-type material. It is textured on one surface and bears
what feels like a low-tack adhesive on the other. It comes in a 75-foot roll
and costs a couple of dollars.
This stuff feels a lot like skin, and conforms to irregular surfaces like
that material.
I've been building a Tamiya Swordfish and, as is my preference, I've been
using Delta Ceramcoat acrylic paints applied with a Paasche airbrush. These
paints are well-known for their poor adhesion t plastic, but I use them
because they are cheap and I'm indigent.
When masking for the camouflage pattern I used the Press N Seal stuff, and
it worked perferctly. There was no "pull-up" or bleed-under at all. None.
Zero. Perfect demarcation without any problem removing the mask. Just rip it
free and all is good. In contrast to my experiences with every available
variety of masking tape and masking liquid, this stuff is easy to use,
requires no special prepartion, and will not pull up your carefully applied
All of the moaning I've read about acrylics and the masking thereof
encouraged me to share this with the RMS folks. Try this stuff. No more
pulling up of your acrylic finishes!
Try this stuff! Two dollars is cheap.
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Odd John
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Also cut up some 2" x 2" squares and use them under paint bottle caps.
Be careful when masking canopies as sometimes there is a residue that is hard to remove.
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Michael Stanley
Odd John...where can one purchase this super masking stuff? Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown
Not John but I got some at the grocery store.
Bill Banaszak, MFE
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Bill Banaszak
Got my roll at Wal-Mart
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Odd John
Hey Bill I found it at the Acme for $3 a roll. Looks like it has a lot of potenial for all kinds of masking jobs. I am going to play with it tomarrow and see what it does; glad to have something new to fuss with while snow bound. :-) Mike IPMS
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Mike Keown

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