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Glow Inc. Introduces New Particles Sizes
There are three factors that determine the charging speed and brightness of a glow pigment. First, is chemical makeup. For example, strontium aluminate is generally 10 times brighter than zinc sulfide.
Within strontium aluminate products, there are several grades determined by the purity of the chemicals and manufacturing process. Higher grades are brighter and of course are more expensive.
Within a grade, larger particle sizes are brighter. However, the larger particles create rough surfaces and grainy texture. Therefore posing a problem in small or detailed projects.
Glow inc.'s Ultra Green V10 is the highest grade material manufactured. However, until recently Glow Inc only sold our popular V10 product in 55-85 micron particles. We are happy to now stock the V10 in 55-85, 35-65, 15-35, 10-20, 5-15, and 2-8 micron.
Bulbs for Charging Phosphorescent Paints
It is common knowledge that black lights are the best way to charge glow in the dark paints. However, they are not always practical.
Compact Flourescents Lightbulbs (CFL), which are the spiral type bulbs are a great alternative, especially in the "Daytime" versions.
If you want to use a laser or LED, forget about using red or green. Only blue, purple, or ultra-violet will actually charge glow in the dark pigments.
For much more detailed information on charging bulbs, visit our new article in the technical section of called "Light Source!"
Isn't That Special
It has been a while since Glow Inc. offered a good powder special. I think the masses will be thrilled with this one:
Buy $85 worth of any products at Glow Inc., not including shipping, and we will add 1 pound of Ultra Green Glow in the Dark Powder for FREE!!!
To get your free powder, go to our Specials Page and add the Green Powder Special to your cart. Then add at least $85 worth of additional products like paint, powder, or sand to your cart. Checkout as normal.
Offer ends May 7th, 2009 at midnight EST. If you send us an email on the 8th saying that your dog ate your computer and you missed the sale, then we will only laugh at your misfortune. Also note that you must add the above mentioned "Glow Powder Special" to your cart. Offer can not be combined with any other discounts or specials.
Project Pictures
If you are looking for project ideas for your glow in the dark purchases, then we highly recommend that you check out Glow Inc's Gallery. All of these pictures have been taken by our customers. We encourage you to add your completed project as well.
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