How to handle small amount of salt.


A question of new-bee. Recently I usually deal with weighing of a certain amount of salt, usually only one or two mg, with an analytical balance. Since the salt absorbs water very strongly, it is really hard to do accurate weighing, and the original salt as powder all sticks together during the weighing process. All the things that I can do is trying to weigh it quickly. Is there any other trick of accurate weighing (I mean, for a given amount) small amount of very bibulous salt?

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When gravimetry was a decent teaching matter and an art, one used micro weighing jars (5 ml), tightly stoppered with ground glass stopper. These jars were put open for 24 hours in a dessication stand (I forgot the English word). You should find these old tales in some antique analytical chemistry encyclopedias, forgotten since long ago (Kolthoff, i.a.)


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