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Our research group holds the rights to a patent concerning a new method of manufacturing tin(IV) acetate. Tin acetate is so far an expensive compound and consequently could not be applied as an industrially useful chemical reagent. Since SnCl4, SnCl2 or tin alkoxides are most widely used as tin oxide precursors, they also possess one significant drawback, i.e. they may include some impurities or contamination when used (especially chloride anions). Our method allows for synthesis of high purity compound at very low cost (even one hundred times lower than commonly used) at industrial or bench scale. Tin (IV) acetate is a precursor of tin oxide(IV), an important material in surface science. Unfortunately, companies dealing in chemical reagents have not been interested in marketing our product for several years, because this would decrease their profit from that compound and the expected investment return time might take few years. Thereby we address our offer to groups of investors and researchers that may be potentially interested in cooperation with us in introducing this novel technology and possibly in its commercialisation or utilization. There is not much of research undertaken that make use of this compound due to its high price. We also hold patent rights concerning syntheses of new materials via sol-gel process making use of this compound. The possible research areas for application of our technology are: - gas sensors

- conducting glasses

- solar cells

- semiconducting materials.

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