suggestions for type of foam?

Can anyone suggest a type/vendor for lightweight cylindrical foam,
desired diameter approximately 1.5-2" and length 4-6'? Looking for
something resistant to water -- non-absorbent, light, and stiff
(negligable to no bending under own weight at 4-5 feet length).
Looking for something reasonably sturdy -- something that can
withstand about 8-10 pounds hung mid-point between a 4' cylinder that
is supported at both ends horizontally.
This is for a science project. Thanks for any suggestions!!!
-- Paul Allen
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As has been duly noted in this thread, it's doubtful that straight foam will do this at any reasonable budget. If you can reinforce the foam, either externally or internally, you will have a flying chance. If you can expand to us about what it is that you are really trying to accomplish, it would be helpful.
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John Spevacek
go buy a fiberglass shovel handle
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Gung Ho

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