2.8" Touchscreen LCD clamping.

Good day all,
I am trying to fix a 2.8" touchscreen LCD into an aperture in an
aluminium panel. I have a gasket to seal it on the front and now I
need to clamp the LCD in. The LCD manufacturers tell you never to
clamp on the rear surface, except for a narrow strip around the edge
about 1.5mm wide. Bonding it in is also frowned upon. They never offer
any type of fixings. Anyone have any experience of trying to do this
or know of any companies selling this type of clamp?
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Dear walter:
Best I can offer is to do a search for mfg name and model number, and add the words "bezel OR clamp OR mount".
Possibly bond some "corner brackets" with epoxy, and have the corner brackets carry threads or loops for mounting.
David A. Smith
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